IATA General Provisions

  • Online : $99.00
  • onsite : By Quote
  • webinar : By Quote
Starting at : $99.00

This training is designed to meet IATA’s General Familiarization requirements.  It is intended for individuals who want a general understanding of dangerous goods transportation regulations but do not need function specific training.  It is a required training for individuals who are taking a supplemental training that is focused on a specific hazard, such as lithium batteries or infectious substances, and which includes function specific training related to the subject matter.

  • If your IATA responsibilities include classifying dangerous goods, determining a good’s hazard description, packing, packaging specifications, marking, labeling, or documentation then you must also receive training specific to each relevant IATA job function.  We provide individual modules for each function and a training that comprises this material and all functions.
  • If you need function specific training, please contact TCA, by one of the methods shown in the lower right corner, for assistance.

Course Features

  • Duration 1 Hour
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Assessments Yes
Starting at : $99.00