Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods Training

Our Compliance Training is. . .

Always Up To Date With Current Regulations

Designed to Meet or Exceed Regulatory Requirements for the Areas Covered

Reviewed and Backed by Industry Professionals

Available to be Completed Online or Onsite

About our Trainings

Customizable Curriculum

We offer customized training through the use of your MSDS/SDS information and train your employees on the products you ship, not another company's products! We examine your MSDS/SDS in-depth with your employees, review your bill of ladings and we can examine your completed hazardous materials packages. This option is offered in on-site and Live webinar training. It is the most effective training available in the industry today because it saves your company money on travel costs and training downtime costs!

Group Pricing

With delivery options to accommodate companies of all sizes, we are confident we can develop a training schedule to reach all of your employees without interrupting your daily duties. We also offer options for mixing delivery formats.

Post-training Support

Unparalleled On-Going Support - We Go the Extra Mile! We provide 365 day support for the length of certification. Your employees can talk to a live person, exchange emails with pictures of your bill of ladings or completed packages to be sure everything is correct prior to shipping. Our support staff will contact the Department of Transportation directly if they need additional information to assist your employees in making a shipment. Post-training support is offered throughout the length of the certification period. Online Training excluded.
Post training support is only included when training is conducted by a live instructor (webinar/onsite)

Quality training is vital for your employees, especially in the face of ongoing changes to the law and hazardous materials regulations. Transportation Compliance Associates, Inc. is proud to be your trusted provider and consultant when it comes to professional training solutions. With a wide range of courses and programs, our hazmat consultants are able to ensure that your employees receive the best quality training with a cost-effective approach. We know that schedules can be demanding and time is vital in today’s business world. Because of this, we have a variety of flexible options and platforms that are available to you. This way, your employees are able to choose the type of hazmat online training that works for them, when it works for them.

Whether in person or online, flexibility is key for delivering the right methods of education and training expertise. The hazardous materials industry plays a very important role in our lives and economy. Therefore, it is important that the hazmat training your employees receive should be of the best quality

Transportation Training

When shipping Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Materials it is critical to ensure all shipments are accurate. Having your employees trained, not only benefits your business, it is required. Please choose the mode of transport which you require training below.

Concerned about providing quality training to your employees? If it is related to hazardous materials or dangerous goods then you should look no further. With our range of specially designed courses and programs, our hazmat consultants would be able to ensure that your employees receive the best quality training. We provide different options from which the company or your employees can select the type of hazmat online training that befits the purpose.

E-learning allows a lot of scope for flexibility for the employees which add to their training experience. Since dangerous and hazardous material is involved, it is important that the hazmat training should be of the best quality, which is the purpose we serve.

Rely on the experts when it comes to your training delivery options. Contact us today, toll free at 855-637-9566 to speak with one of our professional or learn more about our entire suite of comprehensive training solutions and services.