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Mandatory for all initial and recurrent training starting Jan 2023

    Everything you want to know about competency based training.

    Are you confused about the new International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA)? Do you feel slightly overwhelmed? Our experienced instructors will surely put your mind at ease. This course is designed to deliver the changes to the already complex regulations in a straightforward manner that anyone can understand. You will learn how the new regulations affect you, what the new process of training consists of, and the benefits of the new CBTA.

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    Transportation Compliance
    Associates, Inc.

    Transportation Compliance Associates, Inc. provides federally mandated hazardous materials and dangerous goods training classes and compliance consulting services. Our mission is to deliver trusted, customized and effective regulatory solutions for our client’s transportation training and consulting needs. We are able to interpret the complex regulations in a straight forward and easy to understand manner in order to assist our clients to meet or exceed their ever-changing regulatory compliance requirements. We have always been driven to be known for quality services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Most frequent questions and answers

    Is Competency Based training mandatory?

    Yes. Beginning January 2023 all initial and retraining will be conducted using the new Competency-Based approach.

    What are some of the major changes in the CBTA approach?

    The new CBTA approach improves on old training methods by providing function focused training. Centering on individual employee tasks conducted at the facility, individual level of competency, and post assessment of employee knowledge and proficiencies.

    Do I need to retrain Jan 1, 2023 if I just received training?

    No. It is known to be true an IATA certification obtained prior to January 1, 2023 is valid until its 24-month expiration date; at which time recertification will have to comply with IATA CBTA requirements.

    What does the new process entail?

    The new CBTA generally consists of a 5 different phases consisting of an analysis phase, design phase, development phase, implementation phase, and evaluation phase.

    Can I use a Third-Party training company?

    Contrary to popular belief, training and continual assessment can be provided by a third party or onsite assessor to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and provide constant improvements to an employees proficiency.

    Where can more information on this training be found?

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    Reviews by Satisfied Customers

    We have used Transportation Compliance to meet our training needs for the past two years. We chose to come back because of the accommodation and flexibility in scheduling the session. The team is always timely in communication which is greatly appreciated. Additionally, the materials provided for the training are excellent resources after the course. Certificates are provided within a reasonable timeframe and they ensure we understand what to keep so we can prove our compliance should the need arise.
    Andrea Zak, MS, MT(ASCP)
    Champions Oncology, Inc.
    In today’s fast paced and ever-changing hazmat regulatory environment, TCA has been an invaluable partner in helping us with our compliance via their facility auditing program, covering all of our contracted modes of transportation. You can count on TCA’s support during an emergency situation, they are readily available 24/7, and have the depth of experience necessary to handle complex transportation incidents and situations.
    Scott Harding
    Holly Frontier

    Effective Date: January 1, 2023

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