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  • This module has been designed for drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles to help learn defensive driving safety techniques while at work.  
    Price : $14.95
  • The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates all modes of transportation in the United States for highway, rail, air, and water. The 49 CFR regulations require general awareness and function-specific training for all Hazmat...
    Price : $14.95
  • This module will discuss acute and chronic sleep disorder and remedies for both. In this module we will discuss some of the common issues with fatigue and other issues related to vision and perception of speed and distance and the...
    Price : $14.95
  • Commercial drivers encounter various weather conditions from snow and ice to wind, rain, and hail. Some of those conditions can become extreme. This module will highlight some of those scenarios and offer suggestions for your...
    Price : $14.95
  • Shipping Dry Ice can vary from shipping other types of hazardous materials. DOT requires all hazmat employees be trained in general awareness, security awareness, and function-specific training (49 CFR 172.704). Air shippers must...
    Price : $9.95

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