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What is the difference between initial and recurrent training?

Our Initial and Refresher training is designed to meet the needs of both groups. We evaluate your needs and can custom design a program that applies to all hazmat employees.
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If the person I train leaves our company, does the certification stay with the company?

The certification belongs to the person who completed the training, not to the company. 
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What is the difference between 49CFR, DOT, and HM126F training?

49 CFR is where the regulations are located in sections 100 thru 180. DOT is the federal agency responsible for enforcing the regulations.  HM126F training was the original final rule in the Federal Register that required DOT hazmat training to be given.  However the training is actually under 49 CFR 172.700-706. 
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What is an infectious substance?

An Infectious substance is a substance known or reasonably expected to contain a pathogen. Must be assigned to: Category A UN2814 UN2900 Category B UN3373 Medical waste UN3291
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Where do I get my hazmat endorsement?

Call your local DMV about obtaining your hazmat endorsement.
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Do you receive a certificate after the training is complete?

YES! With our online computer based training, you will be able to download the certificate upon successfully completing the final test. With our webinars and onsite training, we will issue a certificate once the training and testing has been completed. 
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What courses do I need to Hazmats ship via fedex, UPS or DHL?

Our courses cover the training you need to ship hazmats by Fedex, UPS, DHL and so on. DOT is for US ground shipments. IATA is for air shipments. IMDG is for vessel shipments. TDG is for Canadian ground shipments. ADR is for Europeon ground shipments. 
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What qualifies as a fully regulated cell/battery?

Lithium ion cell ≥ 20 WH Lithium ion battery ≥ 100 WH Lithium metal cell ≥ 1 g Lithium metal battery ≥ 2 g
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If I ship above the smaller cell/battery limits by ground or vessel will the fully regulated requirements apply?

Yes. You will need to meet subpart requirements of C-H in the 49 CFR manual section 172. You will need to provide shipping papers, marking, labeling, placarding, emergency response information, and training. You may also need to use UN performance level tested packaging if it is required.
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