IMDG - Shipping Dangerous Goods Training

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3 hrs.
General Provisions
Dangerous Goods List
Package & Tank Provisions
Marking & Labeling

The requirements of the IMDG regulations are relative to dangerous goods transportation by vessel. This course is REQUIRED for all employees who directly handle or affect a dangerous good for transport by vessel shipments. This MUST be completed every 3 years.

For trainings focused on shipping explosives or radioactive materials, please contact us at 724.899.4100 or by email at [email protected] 

Our courses cover the training you need to ship hazmats by Fedex, UPS, DHL and so on. DOT is for US ground shipments. IATA is for air shipments. IMDG is for vessel shipments. TDG is for Canadian ground shipments. ADR is for Europeon ground shipments. 

Yes. You will need to meet subpart requirements of C-H in the 49 CFR manual section 172. You will need to provide shipping papers, marking, labeling, placarding, emergency response information, and training. You may also need to use UN performance level tested packaging if it is required.

No you will not need any of the above requirements.  By ground and vessel shipment you will just need to provide the lithium battery marking on the outside of the package and or the “Primary Lithium Batteries Forbidden for Transport aboard Passenger Aircraft” or “Lithium Metal Batteries Forbidden for Transport Aboard Passenger Aircraft” or “Cargo Aircraft Only” label if it applies.

Yes. Training violations have a minimum fine around $450 per day.