IATA with Lithium Battery 60th Edition

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3 Hrs.
Lithium Batteries

ICAO/ IATA regulations (60th edition) require training of all persons whose roles affect the safe transport of dangerous goods by aircraft.  This course presents all components required to meet ICAO/ IATA training requirements, while focusing on how they apply to lithium cell and battery shipments.  Due to its intense focus on lithium battery shipments, the general ICAO/IATA training may better fit your needs. 

We do not differentiate between the two. Our training meets the requirements for initial and we provide the same training for refresher. 

The certification belongs to the person who completed the training, not to the company. 

An Infectious substance is a substance known or reasonably expected to contain a pathogen.

  • Must be assigned to:
  • Category A
    • UN2814
    • UN2900
  • Category B
    • UN3373
  • Medical waste
    • UN3291

YES! With our online computer based training, you will be able to download the certificate upon successfully completing the final test. With our webinars and onsite training, we will issue a certificate once the training and testing has been completed.