Who is considered a “hazmat employee”?

Per 49 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) 171.8 (i), a Hazmat employee means:

(1) A person who is:

(i) “Employed on a full-time, part time, or temporary basis by a hazmat employer and who in the course of such full time, part time or temporary employment directly affects hazardous materials transportation safety;”

The layman’s explanation would be: A person who is employed by a hazardous materials employer and directly affects hazardous materials (hazmat) or dangerous goods transportation safety. For the full definition of who is considered a hazmat employee and many more check out 49 CFR 171.8 as it lists the definitions and abbreviations in alphabetical order for many of your hazmat needs.

You can find the electronic version HERE.

Here are some every day examples of common situations that make you a “hazmat employee”:

if you hand out placards to a driver, those placards are going into transportation and therefore you are a hazmat employee. If you fill any size container or secure a package that will enter into transportation, then you are a hazmat employee because you are affecting transportation safety.  Other pre-transportation functions include marking, labeling, determining a hazard class of a material, providing emergency response information or verifying information on a shipping paper. 

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