Facility Audits

Facility audits are the backbone of a proactive compliance program.  Over the years, we have found that many of the non-compliance issues are developed from improper training or from improper information  passed  on or improper techniques being used. A periodic facility audit can increase your hazardous material compliance by identifying those problem areas and correcting them on the spot and then reinforcing it with training.

Flexibile Review Process

We currently offer onsite and remote* audits, where achievable. All audits are performed by a subject matter expert. *Not all audits can be performed remotely.


All audits are completed by providing a documented report of findings. Findings include the reference to the regulations where applicable. Finally, recommendations are provided to correct issues.


Our work is not completed after the audit. We are available to provide support in implementing and correcting any shortcomings that arose during the audit.

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    Choose the Audit for your facility

    We specialize in providing audits in industrial and transportation environments. With over 20 Years providing compliance audits, we will be sure to provide a comprehensive review of your  process and procedures.

    Recommended for : Marine Facilities that are subject to the Marine Transportation Security Act (MTSA).

    Coverage Areas:
    • Documentation
    • Conditions of non-compliance
    • Waivers and Equivalents
    • MARSEC Directives
    • FSO Requirements
    • Facility Personnel with Security Duties
    • Security Training
    • Drill and Exercise requirements
    • Recordkeeping requirements
    • MARSEC Level coordination and Implementation
    • Communications
    • Declaration of Security
    • Security Systems and Equipment Maintenance
    • Security Measures for Access Control
    • Safety Measures for Newly Hired Employees
    • Security Measures for Restricted Areas
    • Security Measures for handling Cargo
    • Safety Measures for delivery of Vessel Stores and Bunkers
    • Measure for Monitoring
    • Security Incident Procedures

    This assessment is a review of your compliance with the USCG regulations.

    Recommended For :

    • Any facility operating a liquid bulk marine facility.
    • Chemical Plants
    • Refineries
    • Terminals
    • Marine ports

    Coverage Areas : 

    • History of Defects review
    • MISLE Records
    • Alternative/Exemptions
    • Operations Manual
    • Response Plans
    • MARPOL Reception Facility
    • Vapor Control System
    • Training
    • Exercises
    • Hose Assemblies
    • Loading Arm requirements
    • Small discharge containment/removal
    • Discharge Containment Equipment
    • Emergency Shutdown
    • Communications
    • Lighting
    • Facility safety Requirement

    Do you need a vulnerability assessment of your entire operation or just a vulnerability assessment for your transportation security plan?

     For :

    • Facilities developing a DOT Hazardous Material Security Plan
    • Chemical plants
    • Refineries
    • Distribution centers
    • Terminals

    Coverage Areas : 

    • Personnel Security
    • Computer/Information Technology Security
    • Physical Security Systems /Infrastructure
    • Access Control
    • Process and Receiving Area
    • Emergency Contact Information
    • Emergency Response
    • Facility Security Plan
    • Security Organization
    • Security Resources
    • Safety Alerts
    • Handling of Sensitive Information
    • Identification of Physical Security Systems
    • Internal Communications
    • Identification of Process Safety Systems
    • Perimeter Barriers
    • Fencing /Gates/Vehicle Barriers
    • Building walls/ Roof/ Windows/ceiling/doors
    • Intrusion detection/Alarm/ CCTV

    Recommended For : 

    • New Trucking operations
    • Small trucking operations that have not had time to keep up with all the requirements.
    • Large Trucking Operations that just want another set of eyes to look at their operation to provide peace of mind.

    Coverage Areas :

    • IRP
    • UCR
    • IFTA
    • State permits
    • MCS150
    • MCS90
    • BOC4
    • Driver Qualification Files
    • Mechanical Files
    • HOS

    Recommended For: 

    • Chemical Plants
    • Refineries
    • Midstream terminals
    • Distribution warehouses
    • Transloading facilities

    Coverage Areas :

    • Registration of Hazmat
    • Hazmat Security Plan
    • Hazmat bill of ladings
    • Hazardous Waste Manifest/Storage areas
    • Hazmat Training records
    • Marking
    • Labeling
    • Placarding
    • Package Selection


    Recommended For:

    • Chemical Plants
    • Refineries
    • Midstream terminals
    • Distribution warehouses
    • Transloading facilities

    Coverage Areas:

    • Carrier’s CSA Scores/Trends
    • Procedures and processes in place
    • Training records
    • Training programs
    • Safety Programs and policies
    • Environmental policies
    • Emergency response
    • And it can include Driver qualification files and mechanical files

    Work directly with a subject matter expert today!

    We have A SME available to work directly with your company to determine the areas that need to be reviewed specific to your operation. all audits start with a phone conversation to understand your operation.