Consulting and Compliance Services Catered To Your Business

In today’s industry, many companies do not have a person with hazardous materials expertise to consult with when they have a question. Most of these companies have left the Environmental Manager or Safety Manager to fill this role. TCA offers an exclusive package to cover ALL of your hazmat needs.  We have a unique  proven program led by hazardous materials experts to complement your management staff and provide a focused solution. This program is customized to the level of your company’s compliance needs. We offer a complete suite of services that range from one time projects to ongoing daily support. Get started today with selecting a service below or ask about our Customized Compliance Programs!

Services Include

✓ Annual Hazmat Registration
✓ Development and Annual Review Hazmat Security Plan
✓ Annual Facility/Terminal Hazmat Compliance Audit
✓ Corrective Action Plans
✓ Triennia DOT Hazardous Materials Training
✓ Biennial ICAO/IATA Dangerous Goods Training
✓ Annual RCRA Training
✓ Annual Shipping Document Review
✓ Hazardous Waste Profile Classification
✓ Transportation Product Classification
✓ Safety Procedure Development
✓ Customized and Proprietary Shipping Guides
✓ SDS Review
✓ 24/7 Q&A Support Services Hotline
✓ Emergency Response Services
✓ Regulatory Update

Services can be ala carte. 
We can customize a service for your operation. 
Plans start at $99.00/month.


Work with a SME to build a customized package that is just as unique as your business

    Our Compliance Programs Features

    Compliance Audits

    Our auditors have conducted over 500 rail, truck, barge, terminal, and cleaning facility audits to determine compliance with the regulations.  Team TCA is well versed in conducting Crude Oil Terminal Audits in Canada and North Dakota. We also conduct refinery and pipeline gathering audits across the US. Our Audit Assessment Services provide an overall evaluation of your transportation processes and procedures.

    Q&A Regulatory Support

    Recurrent training is a requirement for most industries, and so is documentation proving the training. Let us handle the paperwork! Our SMEs provide ongoing support for your regulatory questions.  We are here to answer your general transportation questions. We provide a comprehensive program to answer specific regulatory transportation questions.

    Emergency Response Service

    Our trained Emergency Response personnel can provide around the clock monitoring of your 3rd party Emergency Response Services (i.e. Chemtrec) and provide expert assistance in responding to ER calls by all modes of transport. We contact our client upon initial call and provide a written report when the response has concluded. We can dispatch hazmat teams on behalf of the client and provide ER information and mitigation information to the first responder.

    HM-232 Security Plan Development

    Team TCA will survey your site, document specific security components and develop a site security plan based on this information. The plan will include personnel security, en route security, and restricted access. The plan will meet DOT HM-232 Security plan requirements under 49CFR, 172.800-804.

    Shipping Guides

    Our expert staff will develop shipping guides that include the Bill of Lading or Dangerous Goods Declaration and pictures of a properly prepared package including the marking and labeling required by the proper mode of transport. These guides are used assist your shipping personnel to successfully complete the shipping process.

    Classification Services

    Our Hazardous Materials Classification Service provides item-level detail on how to properly package, document, and communicate domestic and international shipment information. We can classify for all modes of transport, for import and export, and can even provide information on OSHA hazard communication, storage and handling protocols. In both storage and transport, early and correct identification of hazardous materials is the key to ensuring a compliant operation and stopping DOT or FAA from coming to your door.

    Not sure where to start? No Problem!

    Our team of subject matter experts will be happy to assist in creating a plan to get your organization compliant!