Built and managed by industry professionals to solve everyday problems. This unprecedented web portal is a compliance managers dream! Organize all of your documents and details in one easy to use web interface.

Whether you are a company new to shipping dangerous goods or a global manufacturer, we have designed this tool to match your needs. This portal was designed to support users in many phases of the dangerous goods shipping process. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach. All of our clients partake in a on-boarding process to determine a solution that compliments their end goals. Continue reading below to see the areas that hazMAX can help you!

24/7 Availability

Provide your employees access to the resources they need, even when you are home sleeping.


Unfortunately, compliance does have an expiration date! Don't worry! We will keep you reminded of these important dates.

Customized Content

After logging in you will see your logo, your products, and documents specific to your company! You will feel right at home.

On-Going Support

Using our services means you have a group of SME's ready to answer questions. We have your back!

Portal Features

Online Training

Full access to our Online Catalog of industry leading, computer based training available for you and your employees. Whenever and Wherever!

Training Records

Recurrent training is a requirement for most industries, and so is documentation proving the training. Let us handle the paperwork!

Shipping Database

Provides a convenient location for your shippers to obtain details on how to properly package, mark, and label your products.

Customized Shipping Guides

TCA has developed a proven method to reduce errors during shipping hazardous materials. A document outlining shipping requirements for your specific shipments.

Facility Audits

The basis for any good plan is knowing what you do not know! Have one of our SME’s come on-site to determine where you excel and areas of opportunity.

Easy Reporting

With a slew of prebuilt reports, we are confident you will find the reporting metrics you need. If not, we develop custom reports to fit your needs.

Document Retention

A safe and secure location to store compliance documents, organized and available for all of your facility locations.

Driver Qualification Files

DQF files are a must for companies who employ truck drivers. With our system you can quickly verify your compliance using the drivers overview feature.

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