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The legal name of the TDG Act is the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992. Its purpose is to promote public safety during the import, handling, offering for transport and transport of dangerous goods in Canada. It sets out the general requirements that must be met. It also gives the government the power to:Write regulations that elaborate on those requirementsGrant exemptions from requirementsDesignate federal inspectors to verify compliance through inspections, etc.The TDG Regulations are where you will find specific details on how to ship and transport dangerous goods on your day to day operations.


The TDG Regulations are comprised of 16 Parts and three Schedules.The 16 Parts provide the regulatory requirements for the transportation of dangerous goods:

    • Part 1: Coming into Force, Repeal, Interpretation, General Provisions and Special Cases
    • Part 2: Classification
    • Part 3: Documentation
    • Part 4: Dangerous Goods Safety Marks
    • Part 5: Means of Containment
    • Part 6: Training
    • Part 7: Emergency Response Assistance Plan
    • Part 8: Reporting Requirements
    • Part 9: Road
    • Part 10: Rail
    • Part 11: Marine
    • Part 12: Air
    • Part 13: Protective Direction
    • Part 14: Permit for Equivalent Level of Safety
    • Part 15: Court Order
    • Part 16: Inspectors

The three Schedules provide information that complements the 16 Parts:Schedule 1: List of Dangerous Goods by UN NumberSchedule 2: Special ProvisionsSchedule 3: Alphabetical Index of Dangerous Goods


Anyone that is shipping dangerous goods within Canada by ground would be required to be trained in TDG.

  • Anyone who fills out a dangerous goods declaration.
  • Anyone who classifies a dangerous goods shipment.
  • Anyone who marks, labels or packages a dangerous good before it goes into transportation.
  • Including but limited to…Shipping personnel, Receiving personnel, Hazardous Waste Workers, Truck Drivers, Lab Personnel, Department Supervisors


  • Our instructors can customize your training to the hazards that you ship! Contact us to find out how to get your training customized!
  • We provide after support for the length of your certification.
  • Students who complete this course have a clearer understanding of the regulations.

Course Features

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  • Language English
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Starting at : $275.00

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